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Thailand International Band & Orchestra Festival 2019

29 - 31 July

Strings & Orchestra


tibof orch.png
  • Notes
    1. The stage time will start when your first musician steps onto stage and continues until your last musician step off the stage.
    2. Minimum Performance Time will include timing between works.


  • No sound check in the concert hall before competition commences.


  • Each orchestra will be assessed according to the following criteria:

    • Sound

      • Intonation, Tone Quality, Balance

    • Technique

      • Articulation, Musicianship, Rhythm, Precision

    • Musical Performance

      • Phrasing, Dynamics, Interpretation

    • Choice of Program


  • Adjudicators will evaluate each orchestra on a 100-point scale and final score will be averaged, up to 2 decimal points. No score will be given to orchestras taking part in comments-only category.


  • Participating orchestras are encouraged to perform contrasting works that can best display their orchestra's performance ability.


  • Type of Awards:


Gold                            80% and above

Silver                            70% - 79.99%

Bronze                          60% - 69.99%

Merit                            59.99% and below

  • Cash Prize

tibof orch prize.png
  • Each orchestra will receive written comment sheet from the jury panel.


  • All comments-only participation will be announced as “Merit” at the Award Ceremony. Comments and scores will be sent to the registered organisation after the festival.


  • Orchestras that exceed stipulated performance time, performs below required time or exceed total stage time will result in 5% deduction of final marks as an administration penalty.


  • Orchestras that violate any of the rule(s) of the Festival will have their award and cash prizes revoked.


  • All decisions made by the jury panel are final and no appeal will be entertained.


  • Participating orchestras are responsible for honoring the copyright and performing rights of the works used in this Festival.

  • Sheet music used in this Festival by the participating orchestras must be original and purchased by the participating orchestra. The organizers reserve the rights to request participating orchestras to show the original copy during on-site registration. In the event that participating orchestra is unable to produce the original copy, a copy of receipt indicating the purchase must be shown.


  • The closing date for application is 15 May 2019. Please complete all sections of the application form online including submission of the following:

    • Profile of Participating Orchestra (no more than 250 words)

    • Photograph of Participating Orchestra and Conductor (at least 300dpi – JPEG or TIFF)


  • Request the TIBOF Festival Package by sending us an email indicating the name of orchestra and country representation. 

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